Bpact collects and provides enriched data that offer insights into the public’s attitudes towards various societal topics such as housing, lifestyle, employment, finances, consumption, mobility, safety, health, sustainability…

Our mission? Give everyone a voice!

Bpact operates with a unique and representative research panel (in Belgium consisting of 50,000 active members). We gather the best data, either proactively or upon request. This provides decision-makers in businesses, organizations, and governments with an understanding of what matters: to customers, specific target groups, and the entire population.

In short: we assist decision-makers in making informed choices. Based on quality data – without bias.

Societal Topics

Bpact holds a distinctive position in the market research landscape due to its representative panel, offering a qualitative insight into the public’s opinion on various socially impactful subjects. These insights are sought after and utilized by governments, businesses, academic institutions, NGOs, and market research agencies.”

Some examples of themes about which we collected data and insights last year

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