About Bpact

At Bpact, we are passionate and driven to amplify the voice of every citizen. We believe that decision-making should be based on an accurate understanding of the sentiments of the entire population. That’s why we’re committed to gathering enriched data and providing insights into the public’s attitudes towards various societal topics, such as housing, work, life, finances, mobility, safety, and health.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals under the guidance of Jo and Winfried, ranging from young talent to highly experienced experts in the field. We are researchers, project managers, data analysts, developers, and communication professionals with one mission: managing a high-quality and representative research panel and conducting top-notch fieldwork. Additionally, thanks to our network, we also have access to various other areas of expertise, allowing us to undertake broader research and participation projects.”


Building bridges

Striving for a nuanced social debate and positive change

We observe that societal discourse is often fragmented, and opinions on social media rarely lead to real change. That’s why at Bpact, we create an environment where everyone can voice their opinion on socially relevant topics. We aim for representativeness by actively recruiting, including those who are often harder to reach. We ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and has an impact.

In collaboration with organizations committed to positive change, we bridge the gap between the public and decision-makers. We ensure decisions are made based on a thorough understanding of what is happening and matters in our society. By providing reliable data and insights, we strive to make a difference and contribute to a better future for all of us.