For whom?

Who uses Bpact’s services?


We help government agencies and non-profit organisations make informed policy decisions by providing unbiased, high-quality data and insights on societal development.

“In collaboration with Bpact, we collected valuable data and insights into people’s recent experiences with cycling and walking holidays. Bpact handled this with great expertise and tailored their approach to our specific needs. Despite a challenging target group, Bpact reached them quickly and efficiently. The quality of answers was remarkably high. Especially in the open answers, we found extensive feedback and valuable suggestions for our operation. Bpact was also very competitive on pricing, which is key to us as a government organisation. We are more than satisfied with Bpact’s services and look forward to future collaborations.”
Team Manager of the information department of an autonomous provincial tourism agency
"Bpact’s expertise convinced our colleagues and board of the added value of this citizen participation. We can confidently recommend Bpact’s professional approach and streamlined collaborative process to other local governments.”
Rina V.
Head of Communications for the municipality of Asse, Belgium, population 35,000


Aside from conducting targeted surveys, Bpact also facilitates citizen panels in collaboration with municipal and city councils. This makes it easy for local governments to regularly survey citizens about living and working in their city or municipality.


Companies turn to Bpact and our network of partners to discover what’s on the minds of the general public, their customers or specific target groups. They use these insights on daily life, work and living for their strategy, content creation or PR messaging.

“The results of the research we conducted with Bpact on lifelong learning gave us tremendous long-term benefits. Even a year after we obtained the insights, we still draw on them regularly. Not only have the results given us new insights internally, but we also use them to strengthen our story, better connect with our clients, generate leads and communicate our message to the press. Although we have access to our own customer base and direct target group, working with Bpact was a quick and effective way to step outside our ‘bubble’ and reach a representative sample of the population. Working with Bpact was pleasant and fruitful. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we could move together from idea to concept and finally to implementation.”
Niels S.
Publishing manager for cooperative publisher Acco Learn
The quality of responses from the Bpact panel to the open-ended questions was remarkable. The majority of respondents took the time to substantiate their opinions in one or more sentences. With other panels in the past, that was often not the case.”
Ine G.
senior researcher at the University of Antwerp


Universities and other research organisations use the Bpact panel for high-quality fieldwork and surveys that ensure representative sampling.


We assist market research companies and agencies in generating content or PR messaging to conduct their fieldwork. Bpact supports them with public opinion data on various matters of social impact.

“At Ads & Data, we collaborate closely with Bpact. They conduct short surveys for us, enabling us to generate content for native advertising. Having such a reliable partner is important, given the project-based nature of collaboration with our own clients. Bpact has proven to be fast and punctual and they actively tap into our business logic and our clients’ needs. The reports are clear and well organised, both for us and for our end clients. Time and again, we draw valuable conclusions and insights from the results. We are extremely satisfied with the partnership and our clients share that level of satisfaction.”
Thomas B.
advertising agency Ads & Data