Representativeness and inclusion: we give everyone a voice

Each sample we draw from the Bpact panel is representative of all socio-demographic criteria: from gender to education level and from age to place of residence. But that’s just our starting point for representativeness. Our goal is to give everyone a voice and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. It’s why we pay extra attention to inclusive panel composition, survey design and the language we use. By partnering with civil society organisations, we can include groups that are underrepresented in other panels or surveys. Thanks to our Bpact Local municipal panels, we can even reach out to people who generally only speak out on local issues. We initiate regular outreach projects to involve and engage target groups that often go unheard and are frequently underrepresented in our society.

Quality through relevance

Our unique position in the market research landscape leads to higher-quality data and insights.

Thanks to our focus, dedication and unique approach to panel community management, survey response rates are not only higher, the response quality is higher, too.

We collaborate with academic partners to improve the quality of our surveys and enrich our data with valuable external data.

The result? Higher-quality data that is highly representative.

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An organisation with a purpose

Bpact is an independent value- and purpose-driven organisation with a strong mission.

We create impact by gathering opinion-based data and insights for companies, organisations and governments. Our data covers themes of social impact that matter to ordinary people, such as housing, work, life, sustainability, transport, food and finances.

Bpact bridges the gap between the world of decision-makers and what matters to the general public. We give those who call the shots in governments, corporations or organisations an accurate picture of what’s on people’s minds. Our data sets the stage for informed and unbiased choices for our changing society.

This mission is fulfilled by the Bpact team – a group of committed professionals with a proven track record in market research. Our in-house team also proudly collaborates with a network of content experts from various civil society organisations in a range of social domains. These partners are experts in research and participation and our work benefits from their in-depth knowledge.

Panels with a strong local presence

Bpact Local is our unique solution for local governments: a low-entry way to easily survey citizens and get them involved on a regular basis. Bpact Local provides local embedding for numerous surveys on different topics with a local impact. Since 2022, we have facilitated local citizen panels in dozens of municipalities and our team is launching new panels every month.

Swift results

Representativeness, innovation and data quality are all important, but we offer even more solutions to ease your workload.

Bpact provides excellent project management. Our team is easy to reach and swiftly puts your wishes into motion. We deliver your required data at minimal notice to guarantee speed and quality.

Transparent practices

You can count on our full transparency about the audience sample, our methodology and every detail that goes into your survey results. We can also link the collected data to external databases or to your existing internal data.

Fair pricing

We keep our pricing fair. We know that you value good data – and we know it’s important to balance the cost involved. Based on our mission, we keep quality data accessible by setting the lowest possible fee for our services.

From fundamental fieldwork to full research design

Depending on your needs, internal expertise and available resources, your requests may range from simple data collection to full-scale studies to resolve strategic issues facing your organisation. Bpact focuses on acquiring data and insights through our dedicated panel. Thanks to our network of partners with expertise in adjacent fields, we can provide our clients with a one-stop service.

Some of our partners:

Experts on online citizen participation
Experts in social research
Experts in citizen participation and projects
Experts in volunteering and volunteer activation
Alliance between the main social research companies in the EU
Content experts in research and participation in various social fields