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Citizen engagement and participation are essential for effective city and community management. Numerous studies highlight the positive effects of involving citizens in decision-making processes.

In your municipality, you may already be consulting your citizens. Perhaps you’ve conducted participation sessions, local surveys, citizen budgets or info markets.

  • 72% of Europeans consider public consultation a useful initiative.
  • 55% are not aware of public consultation in their area.
  • Only 10% of citizens are satisfied with the level of citizen engagement in their city.

However, most cities and municipalities still face significant hurdles when it comes to citizen participation. One of the most common challenges is capturing the diversity of voices within a community. The experiences described below reflect what we hear most often:

  • “It feels like we’re echoing inside a bubble instead of reaching the masses. Too often, we only get responses from the usual suspects.”
  • “Citizen engagement is draining our resources. Any time we launch a new participation project, we find ourselves back at square one in our efforts to reach new citizens and enough participants.”

Bpact has developed an effective solution to these obstacles: the Bpact Citizen Solution.

This unique model takes a three-tiered approach to citizen participation: a dedicated citizen panel, in-depth local research templates and ingenious participation tools. Much like a flywheel, the three elements reinforce each other.

The Bpact Citizen Solution is modular and each element can be combined with existing initiatives or tools.

Our smart approach ensures that all citizens are consulted and engaged, elevating your local participation projects with their insights, feedback and commitment.

Introducing the Bpact Citizen Solution

Bpact offers a unique model where all elements reinforce each other. Our Bpact Citizen Solution supports municipalities through a three-tiered approach:

  1. Dedicated citizen panel: A representative group of local citizens enhanced with smart facilitators to reach marginalised communities and underrepresented voices.
  2. In-depth local research templates: Our effective survey templates cover topics such as after-school care, street names, mobility, infrastructure, citizen engagement and happiness, safety and policy evaluation.
  3. Innovative participation tools: Practical tools include the participation platform, the citizen panel platform and engagement toolboxes.

Additionally, the collected data is enriched with municipal demographics, neighbourhood data and observational data for even more valuable insights.

The Bpact Citizen Solution is modular and each of its elements can seamlessly integrate with existing initiatives or tools.

Involve & engage using smart tools

Smart facilitators to boost your citizen panel

Consult your citizens with smart surveys

Enrich with smart data

Engaging every voice in your community

What’s our approach?

The Bpact Citizen Solution has an intelligent data solution at its core: a database and software for your citizen panel, participation and research. Around that core, we build proven engagement tools and data enrichment.

There is no charge to getting started, so you can familiarise yourself with the platform before committing to the next step: a growth model tailored to your needs. We work transparently and to the point without locking you into long-term commitments, so you always know exactly what to expect.

Proven concept

Our software, research formats and participation concepts are used daily by cities and municipalities throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. They are the proof that Bpact works. Our team is international, multilingual and, above all, experienced and passionate about helping you in your job. Together, we can give your citizens, all citizens, a voice.

In a nutshell, we support your efforts with our unique three-tiered approach: a dedicated citizen panel, in-depth local research and participation formats, and ingenious participation tools. Any part of this modular solution can be perfectly combined with your existing initiatives or tools.

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