National data & Insights

Bpact solutions give you the insights you need to make informed decisions. At the core of our solutions is the Bpact panel. Through this representative group of people, we provide you with access to public opinion. We make sure everyone gets a voice on social topics that matter to them – and to you.

Quality parameters and qualitative sampling techniques are embedded in our way of working. We also offer full process transparency to you as well as our panel members.

Any socially relevant theme can be surveyed. To ensure high-quality answers and data, we don’t conduct commercial brand or product surveys with our Bpact panel.

Our solutions

Our solutions cater to businesses, organisations, governments, NGOs and higher education institutions. Depending on their needs, Bpact offers access to the entire population or to relevant socio-demographic groups. Surveys can be tailored to an entire country or specific regions. Bpact has also created Bpact Local for cities and municipalities to reach their target groups and to survey and engage their citizens in a systemic way.

Bpact offers methodological expertise in market research, panel research, survey management and communication. In line with your needs, we can take any first-party data we gather and enhance it with observational data or relevant passive data from third-party sources.

All Bpact solutions can be fully customised to your needs, internal expertise and available resources. Our services range from simple data collection to full-scale studies to resolve strategic issues facing your organisation. Bpact focuses on acquiring data and insights through our dedicated panel. Thanks to our network of partners with expertise in adjacent fields, we can provide our clients with a one-stop service.

Our added value

Our clients use the data acquired through the Bpact panel in a number of different ways.

The data uncovers valuable insights, not only about your existing customers, current members or groups that are already familiar to you, but also about the representative populations of entire countries. These insights can eliminate unconscious bias by drawing you out of your bubble and provide a way to benchmark performances against industry standards or competitors. They can also support further measures, actions or recommendations.

Bpact data and insights are used to design, check and substantiate policy plans.

Strong data is foundational to powerful content creation for many of our clients. It can be used to enhance your media exposure, content and communication strategy, PR strategy and public affairs policy.

Our goal

Each Bpact service is designed and offered with our goal in mind: to give everyone a voice and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Our focus, dedication and unique approach to panel community management ensure that our data is high-quality and highly representative, setting the stage for informed and unbiased choices for our changing society.